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Years before precasters used words like “automation”, Joe Martin was laying the groundwork for what would eventually become a precast concrete company. In 1962, he opened the doors to Martin Septic Tank, a company that provided water, sewer and septic tank work and repair. He bought forms and began pouring his own tanks in 1964. “That’s the first precasting I did,” says Joe.

In 1980, the company was incorporated, and three years later, Ed joined the company when his father became ill. In 1984, Ed got a general contractor’s license in public utilities and the company started doing public utility jobs. In 1986, the company purchased its first manhole form to produce manholes for the utility work it was doing.

The transition to selling precast products came when a competitor in the utility business found out that the Martins were casting their own manholes. They contacted Ed and asked him if he could produce a few manholes for them. One thing led to another and soon the focus had changed to primarily to precasting. It became unfeasible to carry on with the utility business when the precasting side was doing so well, so a decision was made to discontinue the utility side of the business.

By 1996, it became apparent that a name change was warranted. After cutting out the utility side and adding new products to the precast side, “Martin Septic Tank” no longer fit, so the Martins shortened the name to MST Concrete Products, Inc. “We wanted to identify ourselves differently than we had in the past when we were a utility contractor,” says Lynn, daughter of Joe, a CPA who joined the company in 1999. “We wanted to be known as a precaster.”

In 2000, MST purchased its automated drycast machine, which vastly increased production of manholes in the plant. The company still wetcasts various products, including manholes, catch basins, wet wells, utility vaults, box culverts, and arch culverts. The company invested in an 18,000 square foot production plant in 2007 dedicated to its utility vault and “custom products” division.

The plant is a National Precast Concrete Association certified plant, assuring the highest standards of specifications and materials go into making all of its products. The plant must pass periodic inspections by the NPCA to maintain its certification.

Although based in a small town, MST is centrally located to serve contractors in an area from Charlotte to Atlanta to Charleston and everywhere in between.