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Catch Basins
Catch basins serve to direct the flow of water to control erosion and to eliminate the problems associated with standing water and flooding. MST produces catch basins in sizes ranging from 2x2x2 to 5x5x6 (inside dimension) in throated and non-throated versions which meet South Carolina and North Carolina DOT specifications. We also produce risers and lids (solid, with holes, with frame and grates, or with ring and covers). Also offered in this line of products are headwalls and flat or conical trash racks.

Precast circular-type manholes are used for drainage and sewage purposes. MST manholes are engineered to withstand highway traffic and other load requirements. They are produced to accommodate any size pipe to your specifications including a variety of important features. Our structures are furnished with access steps, cast iron rings and covers and/or steel grates, as required. Our circular-type structures are produced in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’ and 10’ diameter dimensions.

MST’s innovative “set-and-go” design ensures your jobs will flow quickly. MST utility vaults can be ordered ahead of time and completely plumbed to your specifications with D.I.P. stub-outs so you simply tie in, then backfill. We even have our own crane to set your vault at no additional cost to you.
Each utility vault is designed to meet your project’s specifications. We also offer standard products which have been pre-approved for many of the municipalities in our area. Call one of our sales staff for information regarding our standard utility vaults.

Other Products
MST offers a variety of other products, including precast concrete pipe piers, antiseep collars, livestock watering troughs, box culverts, and bridge culverts.

Our pipe piers are engineered for sewer applications spanning wet areas. Our design allows you to elevate the pipe to avoid such areas. Talk to one of our sales staff to see if our pipe piers can help you on your utility job.

Precast concrete box culverts are versatile and cost-effective. Our products have been used as underpasses, outfalls, bridges, and stream culverts, but the uses are endless. MST offers a variety of standard box culvert sizes as well as custom designs.

Call our sales staff if you have a custom product. Our NPCA certified production plant is geared towards producing custom-engineered vaults, culverts, and other products. If it can be engineered and transported on a truck, we can build it.